Here are some of the resources I've made, free for you to use.

Just click on the arrows and have fun!

Kidz Klub Coventry - Inside Out Theme

Kidz Klub Coventry are very kindly giving away a free version of

the 'Inside Out' Theme I wrote for our clubs...

Included are ten sessions packed full of Bible stories, teaching, videos and games, aimed at 6-12 year olds. The theme is based on Romans 12:1-2: ‘Don’t become so normal in your world that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out.’

Each session explores different outside voices telling us unhelpful things like "You need to be thin or strong to have a good life," and replacing the lies with the inside voice of God who says "You are loved".

I was touched to see God use these sessions to speak powerfully to the children in our Coventry clubs. And you can use the resource for free by clicking on the links below. Here's Session 1 to whet your appetite!

(All you need now is some popcorn.)

Inside Out Session 1 Introduction

Inside Out Session 1 Bible Story

Bible Buds

Bible Buds is packed full of ideas in the curriculum, and lots of fun in the online videos.

You can take a look for free...

If you want a sneaky peak at the Bible Buds digital resource, click on this exert from Book 1 (or go to the Bible Buds website if you want to buy the resource in digital or paper form).

In April 2020, I made some videos of Bible Buds sessions for the summer term, and in the October 2020 half term break I did some live events on the Bible Buds Facebook page, based on Session 6 of Book 1 (especially for families to use during the Covid-19 pandemic). Spring Harvest included all 12 Summer videos in their 'Spring Harvest Home' series on YouTube. You can view all the summer videos here, and the October half term videos here, but if you or your children just can't wait, here are a couple below to enjoy right now...

In early 2021, I had great fun making Bible Buds Adventures! I learnt a lot about Stop motion animation (including how many hours it takes to create 5 mins worth of animation!) and had lots of help from my director and musician, Mr Jonathan Martin! So here are the first two episodes...

Doug Horley's Lovely Jubbly Music Video

In June 2020, I appeared in Doug Horley's 'Lovely Jubbly' music video, which you can watch below. (Be warned - the song WILL get stuck in your head!)

And if you want a little challenge...

Can you spot me and a few of my puppet friends? Look out for the kangaroos, humans, wind and cloud lyrics!