Martin Creations

Before I had even dreamed of starting my own business or writing and designing interactive content, I loved being creative! Journey through the story behind Martin Creations by clicking the down arrow on the right of each section...

Where it all began

I've always been a creative type! Some of my fondest childhood memories are when my parents encouraged my brothers and me to be creative in ways unique to us...

On one occasion we transformed our bedroom into ‘Daphne’s Coffee Shop’ from our favourite TV programme Neighbours. Another time our parents decorated the room in the colours of our favourite football team, Watford F.C., and even had a ribbon-cutting ceremony before entering. Then there was the time, we entered into Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, turning our toy kitchen into a factory and making chocolate crispy cakes!

As I grew up, this zeal for creativity, as well as a love for working with children, became a big part of my identity and calling. So in 2006, I qualified as a primary school teacher and these two passions became a reality. Some of my favourite teaching memories are creating different role-play corners for the class, and then 'having' to play with children in them!

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Pebbles, New Wine

From 2008 - 2018, I was the Team Leader for 'Pebbles', the 3-4's ministry group at New Wine United Gatherings...

In my spare time (not that you get much of it, being a teacher!) I volunteer for New Wine - a Christian organisation who hold annual gatherings for thousands of people, with a vision to see local churches changing nations in the power of the Holy Spirit. For 10 years I was the Team Leader for 'Pebbles', the 3-4s ministry group and am still on the New wine Kids National Team. I absolutely love sharing Jesus with hundreds of children all under one roof, and having loads of fun doing it! As part of my Pebbles role, I wrote each year's theme and made interactive Bible stories, puppet scripts, family services, resources, and creative prayer activities. It was an amazing way to let my creative juices flow!

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Martin Creations

In 2015, my dream job became a reality...

In the midst of writing Pebbles scripts, I started thinking...

"What if I did all this for a living? What if I created resources for churches to use in their children's groups? And what if I trained and mentored kids leaders, to help them grow in their calling?"

The cogs started turning, and I got more and more excited about this dream job. Well, in January 2015, God made my dream job a reality! It really was all thanks to God - He pretty much handed it to me on a plate! 'Martin Creations' was birthed - my very own business creating bespoke resources, training and mentoring for Christian Kids Ministry.

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New Wine

New Wine were my first client, whom I have had four books published with...

The first 3 books to be published, were part of a series called 'X-Cavate' - digging deep for God's treasure! Book 1 is for 0-4 yrs, Book 2 for 5-7 yrs and Book 3 for 8-11 yrs Kids Ministry. Then in 2017 HomeTime was published - bringing faith adventures to the heart of your home. It's a resource full of research and wisdom to help adults bring children up with their own faith in God. It was such an honour to write for an organisation I have loved and been part of since 1990!

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Sur-bible Island & Bible Buds

Between 2017 - 2020, I wrote a holiday club curriculum 'Sur-Bible Island' and a year's mission-focussed resource for church toddler groups called 'Bible Buds'...

My 2nd client was Lighthouse Central - a non-residential week long holiday club for children run by Christians from local churches, bringing churches and communities together around children. It was great fun starting with a blank canvas, and seeing 'Sur-Bible Island' through to fruition in multiple locations at different Lighthouses (including a daily 'Bear Frills' drama - with someone dressed up as a bear in a tutu)!

In 2018 I was commissioned by The Weald Trust to create Bible Buds - a toddler group resource bringing friendship with God into blossom (published in September 2020). This started with lots of research, before coming up with the idea of Bible Buds. I then piloted Bible Buds with some toddler groups, gaining valuable feedback, which informed the writing of 34 sessions over 6 books! This has been my biggest project yet, and was a real privilege to be asked to create Bible Buds.

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Kidz Klub Coventry

As well as writing Kids Ministry resources, I have another part-time job I'm passionate about. Since 2008, I have loved getting out of the office, into my community to lead a local outreach event each week called Kidz Klub...

Kidz Klub Canley is one of 3 satellites under the umbrella of Kidz Klub Coventry. We have a vision to share God's love with unchurched families across the city, through silly games, worship, Bible stories, response times and home visits to connect with each family. And I even get to use my creativity in the Kidz Klub office too, writing different themes, panto sketches, interactive Bible stories and creative prayer activities. It really is such a joy getting to know families, acting silly, and sharing Jesus. After being involved in Kidz Klub for 12 years, I can honestly say, it's the best thing since sliced bread!

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Mentoring & Training

Curriculum writing isn't all Martin Creations offers, far from that!

I'm an extrovert, and love being with people...

I love helping kids workers reach their potential (the teacher part of me coming through). I have loved mentoring and training different kids workers, being there to listen, support, advise, train, challenge and pray with them. Seeing kids workers get excited about their ministry and passionate about sharing Jesus with their children brings me so much joy!

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Outside of work

I love taking a sabbath each week where I can rest with God,

unwind and do some of my favourite things...

When I'm not busy with Martin Creations, I love spending time with my husband, Jonathan, as well as friends and family. I love going on walks, taking photos, being arty, enjoying sports, playing the drums, supporting Watford FC, serving at my local church, watching Netflix, and last but not least... eating ice cream (hence the video below)!

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Since starting my teaching career, back in 2006, moving onto volunteering for Pebbles, working for Kidz Klub Coventry, and starting Martin Creations, I look back and feel humbled and honoured that God has given me the opportunity to do all this. And I am excited about what God has planned for the future too!

If you're interested in my work, I'd love to hear from you.

Simply get in touch here.